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Roy and Madge`s wedding, 1951

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Roy and Madge`s wedding, 1951 At Butlins, late 1940s Roy, 2007
Interview 85 Roy

Person with diabetes
Born in Coalville in 1925.
Diagnosed Type 1 in Leicester Royal Infirmary in 1942

Overview: When Roy was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 17, he was admitted to Leicester Royal Infirmary for a month. He remembers learning about injections and urine testing but can`t remember any guidance about diet, apart from advice to cut out all sugar. He would like to have joined the forces during the Second World War, but failed his medical examination. According to his wife, he has had many serious hypos ever since he was diagnosed. He began to lose his sight in 1972 and now only has very slight vision in one eye.

There is also an interview with Roy`s wife, Madge.

Please note that Overview relates to date of recording Monday, October 29, 2007

 Short samples

1 After he was diagnosed, he had regular check-ups at the hospital, but can’t remember getting much guidance on how to manage his diabetes. [ 57 secs ]

2 Roy has always been very reluctant to tell anyone that he has diabetes and only told people at work when he was ill. [ 60 secs ]

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01 Born in mining area near Coalville. Mother’s parents worked in colliery, father in concrete works. I worked in shoe factory.
Diagnosed 1942. Admitted to Leicester Royal Infirmary for 1 month. Went to live with aunt.
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02 Dried minced meat, vegetables, a little potato. They injected me, then my cousin, until I learnt. Moved sites of injection to avoid lumps. Now inject in stomach.
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03 Tested urine with strips. Instruction leaflets, but no other instruction for testing or injections. Regulated diet by urine colour – tested before work & before evening meal. Cut out all sugar. Now have Weetabix & bread & marge for breakfast, bread & marge & meat for lunch, mostly vegetables in evening and meat. No sweet.
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04 Similar to food eaten when diagnosed. Knew there was carbohydrate in potatoes & bread, but didn’t measure it – no scales.
Went to Infirmary every 3 months to check ‘how I was balanced’. If urine test showed high sugar, increased insulin. No instruction re amounts of food.
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05 Difficult after came out of hospital – Keeled over twice at work & at home – wife called from work. Never told people at work re diabetes – I don’t like to tell people.
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06 Lost a lot of time from work. Told bosses re diabetes, but not others.
In war, got extra rations. Failed medical to join forces. I monitored my own diabetes through urine testing until I met wife…Roy’s wife, Madge takes up the story.
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